Month: July 2017

Tecnopar 2

Zoom On: TECNOPAR 2 available for rent at Dushow Spain


The lighting mast is integrated the event field by lighting up buffets, banquets, terraces and gardens.

The TecnoPAR 2 includes a dimmer to adapt the brightness to the surrounding atmosphere.

Creating the desired lighting effect.

Once the dimmer is set to its maximum, the light which is projected is 30% more powerful than its predecessor.

Available for rent at Dushow Spain– Contact us +34 934 77 44 10
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Analog Way Ascender 32

Analog Way Ascender 32 -4k available for rent at Dushow Spain

Powerful multi-screen Seamless Switcher based on Analog Way’s LiveCore™ platform, offering state-of-the-art processing, exlusive Perspective Layers feature, Soft Edge and 4K capabilities for top-notch presentations

12 seamless Inputs and 42 input plugs & 4 Outputs with 5 output plugs

  • Ascender 32 – 4K – PL at a glance:
  • LiveCore platform
  • 12 seamless inputs and 42 input plugs
  • Independent Preview/Mosaic/Monitoring output
  • Full live Preview of all sources (Preview/Mosaic/Monitoring)
  • 4 true-Seamless scaled layers or 2 True-Seamless Perspective Layers + 1 native background layer per output
  • Advanced Layer Management
  • Rotation capability in output (step by 90 degrees)

Available for rent at Dushow Spain – Contact us +34 934 77 44 10
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