Meet our team of leaders

We constantly change the status quo of our workplace. We inspire change!

We form a network of people with a very clear purpose and values. Each of us contributes our talent and expertise, building an approach to balanced decision-making.

We base our work on transparency, freedom and trust among us all. And we love experimenting and adapting to the environment.

We’re a family and we support each other at all times. Would you like to meet us?

Riad He is the Founder of Dushow Spain. He loves spending as much time as possible outside his comfort zone. He questions everything, and is gifted with great future vision. His activity adds value and contributes to everyone’s progress.

He is a technology and video game enthusiast, but above all loves his family.

Among his passions are jet-skiing, boating, spending time near the sea and finding moments to be alone and reflect.

His motto: Your sub-conscious is the captain of your life.
A rebel and a revolutionary by nature!



Founder & Managing Director

Marina She loves looking on the bright side of things, recognizing people and smiling (she says it’s the shortest distance between two people).

She mainly devotes her time to listening, communicating, writing, speaking, researching, reading and constantly building Dushow, to take it to the next level.

Her goal: get the best out of every person.
She considers herself empathetic, forward-looking and strategic.

Her motto: The best is yet to come!
She loves scuba diving, reading and meditation.

Co-Founder, CHO, Communication & marketing



She founded Dushow Spain with Riad.
Xenia Xenia’s main task is to supervise the company’s accounting and administration.

She can always get people to smile, thanks to her great sense of humour. She’s also committed and responsible.

Her goal is to keep growing with the company, and continue enjoying her work on the way to the top.

Her passions include: laughing, reading, travelling and relaxing on the sofa.

Accountancy Manager



The most senior member of our team, but by no means the oldest!
Gonzalo Producer of Dushow Spain, he loves taking in information as he browses through new fields. He is 1000% committed to his projects, and constantly at the client’s service.

Gonzalo is a great strategist, as he always takes a comprehensive overview of events.

Among his hobbies are aviation, flying his drone and carpentry.

His motto: Every event is a premiere!

Head of Production



He’s tireless!
Ivan and finds ways to improve processes and make them more effective, in addition to supervising the preparation and execution of events. His goal is for the company to be better every day.

He is persistent, and says you should never give up.

Iván is a solid co-worker. He’s empathetic and a bit stubborn at times (in his own words)!

He loves fishing, sports in general and enjoying nature.
He researches new technologies,



Technical Director

Ferdy He offers solutions in the form of images and other multimedia formats to let clients preview the final result of a project.

He is constantly learning from the virtual world, and considers himself observant, persevering, intense and very meticulous when it comes to work.

In his free time he enjoys music, tennis, fishing, and spending time with family and friends

His motto: If you work well you’ll be happy, and if you work in a good mood, even happier.

3D, AR & VR Manager & designer



Ferdy says sketching is easy!
Virginie Virginie’s chief goal is to make a positive impact on people, the planet and whatever she does. Her work mainly consists of bringing together all of the information necessary for the event that our clients have dreamed up, and then coordinating with the various departments of Dushow to make that event an unforgettable experience.

She makes every project personal and dynamic, and she loves building it at the client’s side.

Her motto: it’s the little moments that make life great.

Her passions include: knitting, running and the sea.
Organizing events is her passion!



Project Manager

Jordi He builds relationships through listening and empathy. For Jordi, connecting is a constant process of giving and receiving, asking for and offering help. His goal is to offer our time and knowledge to helping others. He wants to expand the company and contribute to the community.

His motto: We are what we choose to be.

Jordi thinks of himself as a dreamer who is empathetic, tenacious, organized and persevering.

His passions: Family and friends, motor sports (F1, MotoGP ). He also enjoys DYI projects.
It’s Jordi’s job to connect and communicate with our clients.



Business Development Manager

Jose Luis

José Luis makes positive energy flow at Dushow

His mission, carried out with our co-worker Abel, is for the warehouse to run like a well-oiled machine. But if any component has to be changed, due to a fault or because it’s time for a replacement, he’s right there to do it. He takes care of our installations and all of us.

He says, “Perfection at work does exist!” That’s the goal he keeps in mind, and every day he gives his all to make it a reality.
A knowledge enthusiast, he knows how to listen, then analyse.

His pastimes include skiing, mountain biking, enduro sports, etc.
His motto: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Warehouse Manager



Abel Abel is demanding of himself and others.

Working with José Luis, he sees to it that the warehouse runs as smooth as silk. His goal is for Dushow to grow, and be more dynamic, with a focus always on the optimal quality of the equipment.

His motto: It’s never too much! Give up? What is that?

His passions: Above all, his family. Followed by snowboarding, and boxing.



He’s pure energy!

Warehouse Manager


  • We are unique and original, not copies
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • We live what we dream
  • We find the limits by pushing them
  • It is uncomfortable to leave our comfort zone, but we like it
  • We never, never, never give up
  • We are addicted to quality and excellence
  • We know and accept that we are imperfect, with joy and good humor

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