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How easy it was to work with your team, which is unusual in Spain!

M.P.J.: -From start to finish the experience with DuSHow was great, the crew were all helpful and work well with all of the UK crew I had onsite.

Noting was too much trouble, the set up was neat and tidy and all the equipment not only worked perfectly but looked in perfect condition.
My crew also all mentioned how easy it was to work with your team, which is unusual in Spain!
Once again many thanks, it was great to work with you. It made my life easy and I appreciated you keeping costs within our budgets but still delivering everything we needed.
I hope to work with you again soon.

One of the best AV companies we’ve ever worked with!

J.B. : – We really do appreciate how hard you worked for us and always were exceptionally helpful, flexible – and calm! 

I think we all agreed you and your team were one of the best AV companies we’ve ever worked with …so we look forward to future opportunities together.


Proficient technicians with knowledge and attention to detail

J.H.: – I know that we said our goodbyes at Mas Soler but I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you and what a pleasure it was to work with you and your team at both venues.A special thank you to you for adding items to the Mas Soler kit list at the last minute including the gobo lamp for the Façade that we have had many comments about.

I managed to thank everyone personally, I think, except Xavi our operator at Mas Soler. Please pass on my thanks to him for a job well done. It was a pleasure to work with Ferran, Diogo and Hector at the Dolce. Nothing was too much trouble and anything we asked for was actioned quickly and to a high standard.

Can you please pass on my thanks to your installation team who did a great job. It’s nice to see a group of proficient technicians with knowledge and an attention to detail that aligns itself with my own.

So in summary, thank you to all of you at Dushow for helping to make our event in Sitges such a success. I look forward to working with you all in the near future.


The cable neatness was second to none

C.R. :-  I’m a little late to the big thank you party here…… forgive the lateness!
It was truly fantastic working with you all and the end result looked fabulous, and it ran extremely smoothly. 
An additional mention for Alfredo and Julien; your wonderful video team for whom nothing was a problem. Plus their cable neatness was second to none – it made me smile very much.
Can’t wait to work with you all again in the future. If there is anything you need when you’re back in London or the UK, please don’t hesitate to call.

Good luck with the monster that is MWC… hope that all goes okay and catch you soon!
All the best,

Cooperation and flexibility

G.M.: – I just wanted to say a huge thank you all for your hard work on both our Sitges and Seville jobs last week, and for all the support, cooperation and flexibility over the last few months while we pulled it all together.

Together we were able to put on a smooth running, slick and professional event for ****… and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.  The feedback has been extremely positive and the client has asked us to extend our thanks to everyone for making it such as huge success.   All of your crew at both sites were a pleasure to work with and nothing was too much trouble. 

The *** job was more challenging because of the short notice and inexperienced client… but thank you for working with us to pull it all together. Nicola gave me a bit of an update and has also said how wonderful all your crew were.

There are too many to mention by name so please pass on our appreciation to everyone involved on both projects!

Thanks again for all your support, and we look forward to working with you again soon.

All the best



Equipo muy agradable, eficaz y profesional

H.EA: – Quería darte las gracias a ti, y a todo el resto de vuestro equipo por vuestra gran ayuda con este evento.

Fue realmente un placer trabajar contigo y has sido de mucha ayuda y paciencia con toda la preparación, el equipo que tuvimos en situ era también muy agradable, eficaz y profesional.

El cliente quedo encantado con todo y eso es en gran parte gracias a vosotros!

Gracias por todo y hasta pronto!


Tot va sortir molt bé

E.C. :-  Hola!!!

Volíem fer-vos un mail post esdeveniment de ***, hem parlat amb client i està molt content, ja que tot va sortir molt bé i en part és gràcies a vosaltres.

Semblava que ho teníem encallat durant el seguiment però «el dia de» (i el muntatge) van anar perfectes i és per això que no volíem deixar d’agrair-vos la vostra ajuda.

Esperem poder col·laborar de nou en alguna altra ocasió, per qualsevol cosa ja sabeu on som,

Moltes gràcies!!! :))


Thank you for all the support and great work

B.T. : – I’m writing to saythank youfor all the support and great work from you and your team during VMworld Barcelona.

I’m happy to say it all went really well and the client was very happy! 🙂
Looking forward working with you in future events,
Saludos desde Londres,


To have such engaged people, means that I think Dushow must be a good company to be a part of

I.H. : – I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed working with your teams on the events within the *** programme.

I know that you must have had a sizable number of people working across the installations and removals, who I didn’t really meet, but all of your operators that I had the pleasure to work with were all, without exception, superb.

I know that the presentations themselves are not the most complicated shows that any of us may do in a year, but the time frames and deadlines can be challenging.

All of your guys coped with the changes and the shifting scripts, rehearsals and speakers without ever once complaining.

To be surrounded by people each night who conducted themselves with great expertise and more importantly good humour, makes my job as a Caller a million time easier.

I would send my very appreciative thanks to David, Hector, Ignaci & Nico through you to them. It would be a great pleasure to work with any of them again at any point in the future.

To have such engaged people, means that I think Dushow must be a good company to be a part of, and must value its freelancers and employees highly.

And much of that must come from you.

Thank you as well for your good humour throughout the programme. I am certain that you must have been juggling closing jobs, and jobs to come after we exited, but never once did you give the impression that *** was not the most important concern at the time.

All my very best wishes for the festival season, and the rest of 2018.


My feedback would be to just keep doing what you are doing

D.B. :- Thank you again for all of your help in Barcelona. We were all very impressed with the professionalism of everybody involved with Dushow, the standard of your work and the quality of your equipment. I have had nothing but positive comments, not only from my colleagues but also from our clients.

We would love to work with you again and my feedback would be to just keep doing what you are doing!

Excelente trabajo

I.SJ: – Hola a todos,

Os queríamos daros las gracias a todos y cada uno de vosotros por el excelente trabajo realizado para el montaje y desarrollo de la operativa preparada para el VIP EXPERIENCE.

Queríamos compartir con todos vosotros las felicitaciones recibidas.

Un  fuerte abrazo a todos, y a pensar en la siguiente.

Gracias por el gran trabajo realizado

I.SJ. :- Hola,

Han pasado ya un par de días pero no quería pasar mas tiempo sin de daros la gracias por el gran trabajo realizado para montar el evento en un tiempo récord, y felicitaros por la excelente coordinación de la operativa.

De verdad que es un placer poder contar con vuestra inestimable colaboración. Sin la predisposición, la motivación y la dedicación mostrados durante estos días no hubiera sido posible llegar a tiempo. Es de agradecer poder contar con un equipo humano tan profesional y eficiente. Así todo se hace más fácil.

Buen fin de semana a todos.

Muchísimas gracias.