A ginormous THANK YOU!

marzo 11, 2021

K.D. :- Good afternoon all,

Just a quick note from me to say THE BIGGEST OF THANKS for the last few days. This was such a complex event(s!!!), with so many potential downfalls, to have pulled it off so well is really remarkable – and a testament to the level of hard work, sweat, actual blood, and tears that you have all put in over the last couple of months. You can see from the sheer number of people involved in this email (and that only includes Gonzalo from Dushow – please do pass on my thanks to the rest of the Dushow team too who were all phenomenal) what an incredible feat of teamwork the last few days has been – I am super proud of you all, and so happy to have been a part of it.

Thanks again everyone – hope you all enjoy a well-earned break this weekend!