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A ginormous THANK YOU!

K.D. :- Good afternoon all,

Just a quick note from me to say THE BIGGEST OF THANKS for the last few days. This was such a complex event(s!!!), with so many potential downfalls, to have pulled it off so well is really remarkable – and a testament to the level of hard work, sweat, actual blood, and tears that you have all put in over the last couple of months. You can see from the sheer number of people involved in this email (and that only includes Gonzalo from Dushow – please do pass on my thanks to the rest of the Dushow team too who were all phenomenal) what an incredible feat of teamwork the last few days has been – I am super proud of you all, and so happy to have been a part of it.

Thanks again everyone – hope you all enjoy a well-earned break this weekend!



The event was hugely successful and perfect!

J.K. :- HI, The event was hugely successful and perfect!  Thank you and your team so very much for all of your support. Xavi was especially wonderful to work with.

I hope to be able to work with you in the future!!



You went the extra mile

J.T. : – Hi!

We would like to thank you and your team for helping put on a great party for us on Friday. The three of us are very pleased with how it went and have received great feedback from our colleagues. We notice you went the extra mile and I think it really paid off in the end.

I hope you managed to recover over the weekend.



Un orgullo contar con profesionales como vosotros

I.SJ. :- Hola a todos,

Quería daros las gracias a todos por el excelente trabajo realizado en ***** ayer. Como siempre hicisteis un magnifico trabajo.  

Es para mi un orgullo contar con profesionales como vosotros. Os pido por favor felicitéis a todas las personas implicadas por favor.

Muchas gracias.


Merci pour votre recommandation et votre souplesse de dernières minutes

F.V.: – L’événement s’est bien passé, l’équipe technique était très bien.
La configuration en rétro était la bonne, merci pour votre recommandation et votre souplesse de dernières minutes.
Le client est satisfait et je ne manquerai pas de vous interroger pour nos prochains événement à Barcelone.
J’ai oublié d’enregistrer les dernières présentations PPT du PC master, as-tu possibilité de me les envoyer par we transfer ?
Je te souhaite une bonne journée.

The kindness, good nature and professionalism of all the crew was a pleasure to experience

D.B.: – Just a note to say thanks to you and the hermanos over the last few days.

This was never a technically difficult show but, like so many of these plenary/breakout shows, it was a case of last minute Whack-A-Mole.

The kindness, good nature and professionalism of all the crew, build and get out, breakouts and show crew, was a pleasure to experience.

Really enjoyed working with the boys and hope it is not too long before we meet again.

Remember: you can lead a horse to water but you can turn him into a plumber.

Hasta, muchachos.


100% de satisfaction

O.N. :-Bonsoir à tous,

 Je viens d’avoir les premiers retours de la production sur l’ensemble des sites:
– 0 défaut
– 100% de satisfaction concernant la partie technique !
– 100% de satisfaction sur les équipes pour leur bienveillance et l’accompagnement.
Un grand merci à vous tous pour votre accompagnement sur ce projet et surtout compte tenu des délais très courts.

“Et avec le sourire”

C.A. :- Bonjour ,

Au nom de toute notre équipe, je voudrais vous remercier pour la collaboration sur ce projet.

Nous sommes très satisfaits du suivi du projet, de notre contact avec vous, et des services prestés.

A titre plus personnel je voudrais remercier l’équipe que a fait le montage/démontage sur place, qui a tenu compte de toutes nos demandes et recommandations avec le sourire (malgré les horaires contraignants!). Tu transmettras bien ceci ?

Et merci à toi pour la coordination générale qui a rendu cette prod si fluide.

Au plaisir de travailler à nouveau avec vous.


Bien à toi,


El mejor evento de los 15 últimos años

V.C. :  – La convención de **** en el centro de convención de Port Aventura ha sido un gran éxito. Los clientes nos han felicitado, diciendo según sus palabras :  “ el mejor evento de los 15 últimos años….”.

Nos ha costado mucho cerrar el trato con el cliente, más que nada porque no estaban acostumbrado a un evento de tal envergadura y  de tanto tecnicidad al nivel de audiovisual.

Pero, gracias a tu ayuda y tu paciencia y profesionalidad lo hemos logrado. Muchas gracias!

Estaban encantado del efecto final de la pantalla led!

Quería también al nombre de **, agradecer la flexibilidad y profesionalidad del equipo técnico Dushow on site. Han sido siempre adaptándose a los cambios y atento a los deseos del cliente.

Gracias a todos! Y espero colaborar próximo con vosotros para otro éxito 🙂

Un saludo,



Your team were great throughout the whole time

L.C. : – Hey, 

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and all the guys and girls who made this year go so well – as always it was complete madness but your team were great throughout the whole time and kept their good humour which is always a life saver with this job.
Maybe, who knows, but maybe one day we’ll get to work on a show which is just normal and has standard working hours…you never know…
All there best for now – hope you get a little time off for good behaviour.
Take care


Awesome crew and excellent support

K.E.: – I wanted to drop a note and say thanks again for great audio gear, awesome crew and excellent support.  I look forward to working together again in September and hopefully even more events in the years to come.

Best regards,

How easy it was to work with your team, which is unusual in Spain!

M.P.J.: -From start to finish the experience with DuSHow was great, the crew were all helpful and work well with all of the UK crew I had onsite.

Noting was too much trouble, the set up was neat and tidy and all the equipment not only worked perfectly but looked in perfect condition.
My crew also all mentioned how easy it was to work with your team, which is unusual in Spain!
Once again many thanks, it was great to work with you. It made my life easy and I appreciated you keeping costs within our budgets but still delivering everything we needed.
I hope to work with you again soon.