Month: September 2014

KARA L'acoustic

Zoom On: Kara L’acoustic equipment available for rent at Dushow Spain

Zoom On: Kara L’acoustic

With a design inspired by the K1 stadium system.

Kara delivers the highest performance, featuring a compact and lightweight enclosure complying with rigging and sightline constraints and the complementary SB18 subwoofer for reinforced LF contour applications.

Kara delivers a considerable number of improvements over the previous generation of line sources:

  • Added LF resources for increased bandwidth and coherence.
  • Improved directivity control in the horizontal plane.
  • Vertical coverage capability and integrated rigging system.

The LA-RAK touring rack and LA8 amplified controller preset library deliver an extremely advanced and precise drive system for Kara. A wide range of system configurations to accommodate various LF contour requirements and integration constraints are available for the sound designer and system engineer for a high level of creative freedom.

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